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Content Management Without the Killing

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting once again at the London @media conference, this time on the subject of Content Management. It was the first time I’d run that particular presentation, and consequently I’d like to have spent less time on the introductory material and more on the latter half, but on the whole it was pretty well received.

I’ve put the slides up on SlideShare, but they don’t tell much of the story on their own. Therefore, I’m planning to serialise some of the main parts of the presentation as a series of articles, over at

The first of those is 8 Features to Look For When Choosing a CMS, and unsurprisingly runs through a number of things to take into consideration when you’re making your next content management system design or purchasing decision. Clearly, every project’s needs are totally different, so I’ve tried to focus on the main underlying features and attributes that should stand you in good stead for most projects. If you work with content management systems at all, I encourage you to check it out and leave any feedback in the comments here.

I hope to have the next article together and published early next week, so you may wish to snag the RSS feed if the subject interests you.

Apart from delivering a brand new presentation (which is always a bit nerve-racking) I thought the conference was absolutely terrific this year, and for me struck a really good balance between design and development topics. As a developer, I’ve found in the past that there was often more on offer on design topics, but this year there was plenty to catch my interest. I’ve posted a set of photos I took over on Flickr. This remains my favourite ‘big’ conference, and I’d really recommend it – @media Ajax makes a welcome comeback after the summer.

On the subject of conferences, my favourite grass-roots event dConstruct returns for a fourth year, again in September. Registration opens on 17th June (two weeks from today) and often sells out quite quickly, so book early to avoid disappointment, as they say.