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Installing OS X Developer Tools from DVD

As my PowerBook was specified with a SuperDrive, Apple shipped all the system software on a convenient single DVD. Traditionally this would take up several CDs, with the Mac OS X Developer Tools (which includes loads of handy things like GCC and CVS) being supplied on a separate CD. After reinstalling my PowerBook to get rid of Classic, I began to hunt around on the DVD to find the developer tools. I couldn’t find them.

Loading up the installation DVD there are basically two options. Install Mac OS X asks you to reboot and then runs the OS install. I’d been down this route and knew the outcome – there wasn’t an option for the developer tools when I had performed by reinstall. The only other option on the DVD is “Install Applications & Classic Support”. I had tentatively edged through this as far as I could go without hitting the Install button, and could see no options to select what I wanted to install. Not wanting to end up with Classic on my system again, I backed out.

After chatting with Ronan, who was adamant that the developer tools where there somewhere, and a bit of Googling on the subject, I took a deep breath and clicked the Install button. As it turns out, all the “Install Applications & Classic Support” tool does is install another tool called Software Restore. It’s Software Restore that then gives you the option to install Classic or iDVD or Developer Tools, or the original applications that came with your Mac.

So now I have the developer tools installed as well as all the original free apps that came with my system (GraphicConverter and OmniGiraffe etc), which I thought I’d lost with the reinstall. I post for the benefit of search engines, and the idle curiosity of those drifting by.