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Important acronyms

Apple have announced that Panther will go on worldwide release on Friday 24 October, 2003. You’ve gotta get some of that big cat action. i was rather amused by this on the bottom of the UK announcement page

Panther will include a final X11 window server for Unix-based apps, improved NFS/UFS, FreeBSD 5 innovations as well as support for popular Linux APIs, IPv6 and other important acronyms.

On a similar note, I firmly assert that Tom Coates’ illness is merely mother nature’s just punishment for him purchasing a nice new PowerBook, when other undeserving little twits want one far more. (Get well soon, Tom).

Another important acronym is MySQL. Okay, it’s not strictly an acronym, but it is very important and bares particular significance to this site, as all the lovely words that trot onto the screen are retrieved from a MySQL database by the ever-capable Textpattern. The “Back soon” message that has adorned this site over the last couple of hours is testament to how important that pseudo-acronym is. I shall be hacking a more informative error system into Textpattern in the next few days, so that next time the database server goes down you’ll still get some useful content. Sorry ‘bout that, folks.